Must Try Food In Mcleodganj!

Must try oreo shake in Mcleodganj.

Dharamshala and Mcleodganj are the very famous hill stations of north India. They are situated in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, India. They are generally called the land of Dalai Lama. Buddhist and Tibetan culture exists here. These hill stations will give you a very alluring view of the mighty Dhauladhar Range of the Himalayas. A very peaceful place with lots of tourist attractions, awesome weather, and charming views will make you chill and relax comfortably. Dharamshala and Mcleodganj are must travel destinations for a road trip. One of the must-visit places in Dharamshala is the HPCA Stadium(Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association). This is the highest elevation(1457 m) Cricket stadium in the world. It is surrounded by the snow-covered mountains from all the sides which gives a very breathtaking view of the Dhauladhar Range. Must-try food in Mcleodganj is what one needs to satisfy their hunger.

Most beautiful stadium in the world.
Beautiful HPCA Cricket Stadium.

Are you a foodie and wondering about must-try food and cafe options in Dharamshala and Mcleodganj? Well, we’ve got some best food options for you so that you can treat yourself with the mouth-watering food in the mountains. Be it street food, restaurants, the cafe we are here to give you a simple list because good food is something that makes one extremely happy. So, come on let’s explore and have a look at some must-try food in Mcleodganj. Here is the list:

Nick’s Italian Kitchen 

This beautiful cafe is situated on Bhagsunag road and has indoor and well as outdoor seating. The outdoor seating is just wow as it will give you an astonishing view of the mountains. So, I suggest you sit at the outdoor seating. The must-try food here is cheesy pizza, white sauce pasta, and oreo shake.

Pizza is bae
Cheesy Pizza
Must try oreo shake in Mcleodganj.
Oreo Shake
Alfredo pasta to treat yourself.
White Sauce Pasta

Meclo Momos Restaurant

This restaurant is in the basement on the Bhagsunag road and trust me you will find the best and juiciest momos here and it is a must-try food in Mcleodganj. They serve veg, paneer, and chicken momos and fried, steamed or tandoori whatever you like. Their momos are must try and you must go and eat these momos on every single day of your trip. They also serve other items such as bread omelet, tea, coffee, noodles, etc but the best thing is momos.

Juiciest momos one can ever have.
Steamed Chicken Momos

Shiva Cafe

You can reach this cafe only after doing a 2-3 km trek. In between your way you will come across Bhagshunag waterfall which is damn beautiful. The trek is not so difficult and you will enjoy going up for food. Trust me the vibes of this cafe are so damn good. You will see a very alluring view from the top and once you will reach you will be so hungry after the trek and you will just love the food here. This cafe is must try when you visit Mcleodganj. They have a decent menu of food and drinks. Also, you can enjoy flavored hookah here. The must-try food here is Pakodas, chocolate shake, Maggi, chilly potato, etc.

Pakodas for perfect evening.
Chocolate shake with trippy vibes
Chocolate Shake
Street Food

This is the must-try thing in every place and everyone loves to explore the local food. This is something that gives real pleasure. You can easily find this food when roaming around in the streets of Mcleodganj. Famous and must-try food is Banana Pastry which you will find on any pastry shop at MCclo Square and the other is Chana Pav.

Banana Pastry at the Main Square, Mcleodganj
Banana Pastry
Spicy Chana Pav in Mcleodganj.
Chana Pav
Outside HPCA Stadium

You can have some burgers and sugarcane juice outside the stadium. They are literally must try which will definitely satisfy your hunger. Burgers are desi street-styled which everyone will love to eat.

Lip-Smacking Desi Burger
Must try Desi burger.
Desi Sugarcane Juice
Sugarcane Juice
Morgan’s Place in Dharamkot

This has indoor plus outdoor seating and the view from the outdoor seating is just awesome. You can enjoy beer here with some lip-smacking snacks.

Jimmy’s Kitchen

You can grab some finger-licking snacks and drinks here. Good place for a mid-day meal.

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